NoCavities3Prevention is a big part of modern dentistry and has resulted in a large reduction of overall cavities, need for extractions and allowed people to keep their teeth much later into life. Some of the hallmarks of prevention we provide include:

Almost every appointment has some form of education included. You will receive information to make informed decisions about your dental care, including home care, maintenance and treatment options.

Visiting your family dentist for a professional teeth cleaning every 3-6 months is one of the best things you can do to help maintain your oral health and a fresh, beautiful smile. Regular exams identify problems at their earliest, most treatable stage.

Back teeth have numerous grooves which in some people are especially deep, and can retain plaque and food causing cavities. Even good home oral hygiene cannot clean the grooves enough to prevent cavities. Application of dental sealants is painless, non-invasive and very effective in preventing  cavities, especially in kids.

Topical flouride is applied at the end of your cleaning appointment and is strengthens teeth and their resistance to decay. It is effective in preventing and reversing early signs of tooth decay.

Grinding and clenching are a major source of tooth loss. Over time the damage can be severe, not only to the teeth but to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and jaw muscles as well. A customized mouth guard (or splint or night guard) can be made for you and is an effective way to reduce or prevent such damage. There are even colour options to choose from!

This is a cushioned appliance that fits over the upper teeth to prevent tooth injury and reduce concussions during contact sports. We have made many custom mouth guards in a variety of colours for a variety of sports. Our mouth guards provide increased protection and retention over the drugstore “boil and bite” types.